A Christmas Story from Honduras

Once upon a time the great creator—or perhaps it was just the great coincidence (you decide)—created the heavens and the earth, and with all the dust and other stuff required to do the job, he added two additional ingredients to the cosmic soup that have been with us since the very beginning of time. The extra ingredients were two very elemental creatures that were called “Miss Need” and “Mr. Giving.” Over the years Miss Need has become much better known, while Mr. Giving is seldom seen. Like an endangered species, Mr. Giving is usually only seen hanging around town in the month of December.Miss Need and Mr Giving

Christmas or the Holidays (you decide) is a universal and favorite time for Mr. Giving to show his face while Miss Need never takes a holiday. Miss Need and Mr. Giving on rare occasions do walk hand in hand, especially during the holidays or Christmas season (you decide) but normally Mr. Giving keeps his distance.

One day both Miss Need and Mr. Giving were having their annual holiday coffee, and as usual Miss Need was griping about the terrible state of the world while Mr. Giving was looking for a place to hide. Suddenly, a ragged, poor, and hungry child entered the room. Mr. Giving frowned, sighed, and said “Oh no, not another needy child.”

Miss. Need–as always–stood and held her arms wide for the young boy, but suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the young beggar boy ran to Mr. Giving instead, and then proceeded to climb into his lap and give him a big hug. Mr. Giving, much to his own surprise, smiled and then shed a tear.

Miss. Need laughed out loud (something that she seldom did) and asked, “Why are you crying, Mr. Giving?”

Mr. Giving smiled and said, “I have always been a giver, but until now, nobody has ever given anything to me.” Mr. Giving’s voice broke as he said, “Now, I finally understood how good it feels to be on both the giving and the receiving side for a change. You know something? I really like it!”

Mr. Giving and Miss Need will always be with us, and unfortunately, these two, like Frosty the Snowman return each and every New Year, not remembering what they felt or discovered the year before.

This means that those of us with a giving heart must re-compel ourselves to give what our hearts tell us to give. So amigos, what’s in your wallet? And what’s in your heart?

The moral of this story is: Whenever a receiver gives, and a giver receives, one becomes the other, and both of their “needs” are met, and true Christmas or Holiday magic (you decide) really happens.

This was of course a fictional story, but there is nothing fictional about the needs of our children in Central America. Our war chest has been sorely depleted due to a mudslide rescue operation that PFC participated in that took place in Guatemala, so we are desperate to replenish our funds. We seldom ask so directly, but we need your help now for the sake of the children that we serve.

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Blessings, and  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, or Happy Holidays (you decide),

Rodger Harrison
Paramedics for Children

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