We Need Your Donuts for Christmas!

Little boys in Honduras - Christmas donation for Paramedics for Children

This year my Christmas wish goes to the poor mountain children of Honduras who need school supplies more than a US politician needs re-election.

What? Not world peace?

Nope – cause school supplies aid education, which creates world peace.

A Holiday Wish versus a Christmas Prayer

A holiday wish is the hope that somebody out there is listening. Perhaps it is Santa, some Wall Street icon of coincidence, or the “deity of destiny” for those who need to be politically correct. A Christmas prayer is somewhat more complicated – recited by both the devout and non-devout, believing, and non-believing, and all those hot- and cold-running sinners, who regardless of common sense and logic, still believe deep down that they will receive a not-by-chance positive outcome.

Either way, I hope that my Christmas observations may have gotten your attention, made you smile, and in the end will give me a few seconds to make my case.

My children here in Honduras really need school supplies. Last year we only had a small grant, and a few spatters of private donations to cover 2000 children in 25 villages. It was not a pretty sight!


We Need Your Donuts Right Now!

Ha! Fooled you! “Donuts” sounds a lot less scary than “Donations,” right?

Listen, please – don’t leave me out standing in the rain this New Year, giving out lollipops instead of school supplies.

Take your best shot. I know it hurts a little but no pain no gain. Help our cause, and make a great big donut…uh… I mean donation… right now!


Rodger Harrison, Founder

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