New Year’s Greetings from Sunny Honduras!

Greetings from Sunny Honduras!

Doc with Kid

Well, the new year has started with a bang and Paramedics For Children is bracing for an expected increase of 20% in patients being treated at Clinica La Esperanza for 2016. We have put in effect some new programs that are paying off in terms of doctor-patient relationships, and Dr. Miguel is doing a great job as always. Our clinic goals for 2016 include adding another 3,600 patients to the 56,000 that we have treated since the clinic was opened.

School Supply

Our first run of school supplies is scheduled on February 15, 2016, and I am happy to say that we have $6,000 in our school supply fund to get the first round purchased.

However, we are still about $13,000 short of being able to cover all 2000 children with the supplies we need for the remaining year. A little more begging, and a lot more praying, hopefully will help us to get this job done this coming year.

Our milk supply program for Casita Copan has been renewed for another year. Casita Copan is an incredible children’s home here in Copan Ruinas. They have about 60 homeless and at-risk children living there.

Corporate Sponsors

On our new website we now have a place for Corporate Sponsors, so if you know of any company that would like to get involved, please have them drop me a line (a big shout out to Sarah Vandenberg, our web guru and PFC board member, who is running this project).

Let your vacation be your donation find out here!

Blessings for a great new year,

Rodger Harrison
Paramedics For Children

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