Volunteering in Honduras: Annie’s Story

Annie Strauss from Canada recently volunteered at our clinic here in Honduras–here is her story!

There has been a power outage every day since we have been here. No power = no running water. During all of this, a baby in active febrile seizures came into the clinic. His temperature was 39.7 Axilla (extremely high). Fortunately, there is a concrete tub outside of the clinic with water and we were able to start cooling the baby.

The pictures below show Dr. Miguel and Rodger, president of Paramedics for Children, getting the generator running. However, even with the generator running there is still very limited electricity.

The Clinica treats up to 700 people per month. Dr. Miguel is not only the Dr. but also the pharmacist. Patients pay about $3.00 per visit and receive consultation, minor treatments, assessments and medications for free. Mostly, the costs are covered by Paramedics for Children who depend on donations.

Patients travel for miles, often on foot, to see the doctor. In our 1st world experiences, it is impossible to imagine the resiliency of these Hondurans who are so appreciative of Paramedics for Children.

I know that I am starting to sound like a broken record but if you can spare even $10 or $20 please go to the Paramedics for Children website. I know there is need everywhere but this very small organization is amazing in what it does with so little.

Every day in Honduras is a humbling experience being surrounded by so many amazing people.

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