The Problem with Chickens


As many of you know we deal with some of the poorest people in the world here in Honduras. In this picture, you can see Dr. Miguel holding a chicken that was used as payment for the treatment of a very sick little girl. Dr. Miguel always tells people that they don’t have to pay this way, but often the family insists that they must, because it is the tradition of the Mayan Chortí mountain people to always pay in some way. Not to accept the gift is an insult to their values.

Normally these types of transactions either end up as huevos, o sopa de pollo (eggs, or chicken soup), but, because of his attachment to the sick child, Doc has developed a fondness for…Yep, you guessed it…the chicken, who we now all call “Miss Soup.” When she did not lay any eggs, his staff voted for chicken soup, but Doc would not agree.


Doc wanted to build the chicken a small pen in a ditch behind the clinic, where we have plans to one day build a culvert and put a pipe in the ditch to control the water. So that was out of the question.

Then Doc had an idea.

What if we could build a patio over the proposed drain tunnel and not only provide a home for Miss Soup, but also provide a much-needed break room, as well as an outdoor kitchen to provide meals for our staff and patients?

So, I reached a compromise with Doc, telling him that if I could get our supporters to donate enough to save the chicken, solve our drainage problem, and make the clinic more functional I would make this Dr. Miguel’s first fundraising event.


The good news is that we already have a lot of the building materials in our warehouse so the cost to do this is only going to run $1,500. That works out to just 20 people donating $75 or 30 people donating $50. This is a very doable good deed!



Please help us to get this small project completed. We need the space because our small clinic is packed to the rafters with patients daily.

This small project will give us extra storage, a place to safely prepare food, keep important items refrigerated, and above all save the chicken. Please make your donation by clicking here and give us your feedback.

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