No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished?

By Nelson Guzman

Originally sent to members of Friends of Paramedics for Children

Is it true that “no good deed ever goes unpunished”?

Hats off to P.F.C. and its leader Roger Harrison! In mid-July P.F.C.’s clinic’s old 12 lead ECG heart monitor ‘died’. Its (get this) 3.5 inch floppy drive diskette operating system became corrupted and crashed.

The clinic was therefore without this vital diagnostic tool.

Did Roger fret, sit around, plead for emergency donations and then just wait for new funds to arrive before acting? NOPE. He got on the phone with his contacts in other medical relief organizations throughout Honduras (many of which he helped get started), looking for a working copy of the needed operating system diskette. He also reached out to Peggy Strange, who operates a similar medical clinic on the Island of Roatan in Honduras, and which P.F.C. helped get started. P.F.C. initially donated two ambulances to the Island of Roatan community in 2001 where Peggy’s clinic was established. Quite by accident, she subsequently named her group’s clinic “Clinica Esperanza” just like his clinic.

In 2006 P.F.C.gave Peggy an identical ECG monitor plus medical supplies for her clinic. So, Roger called Peggy to ask for a copy of her ECG unit’s floppy drive diskette. She no longer had the old unit BUT had two much newer ECG monitors, and so gave one to Roger. The newer unit is already online in Roger’s clinic and is working beautifully.

In less than a month, P.F.C.’s clinic experienced the sudden loss of a vital piece of diagnostic equipment, and replaced it with a much newer unit without waiting for outside donations. P.F.C.’s generosity in 2001 and 2006 towards another charitable medical group also trying to help poor people in Honduras has resulted in the gift of a newer unit for the people in P.F.C.’s Copan Ruinas region.

So, is the old saying “no good deed ever goes unpunished” always true? You decide!

Congratulations Roger – Good Work!!!

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