Paramedics for Children is a vocal advocate for the children of the impoverished and indigenous peoples of Central America. We’re committed to helping local communities to help themselves.


The only low-cost medical care available to local Chortí villages, our clinic in Copán Ruinas, Honduras treats up to 1000+  patients each month. Every month, all year.

Supported by your donations and the proceeds of Hacienda la Esperanza, we have a resident physician onsite at Clinica la Esperanza. Each patient is charged just $3.30 USD (or nothing at all, in certain cases) for their visit. All consultations include medicine.

Over the years, we’ve hosted medical brigades in Honduras, and we provide internship opportunities for Paramedics, Nurses, PAs and Physicians who wish to learn about rural medicine. If you’re a student, you’re also welcome to join us!


Starting in 1996, our founder Rodger Harrison  delivered school supplies on horseback to remote mountain classrooms all around Copán Ruinas, Honduras. We’ve upgraded to a Kawasaki Mule since then, but we’re still providing about 25 schools with basic supplies, and funding building improvements and expansions.

65% of Hondurans live in poverty. Of that, 42% are in extreme poverty. In a region where many families can’t afford to send their children to school, our program has enabled many children to attend at least at the elementary level. And as an unexpected bonus, we’re now seeing some of our former students return to the mountains as teachers!

Come join us—we welcome volunteers from all ages and backgrounds to provide school supplies to our classrooms. Click here to learn more!


In a disaster, the first 72 hours after the event are the most important. That is when the most lives can be saved and the most property salvaged. It’s also that long before international disaster response teams can be mobilized—so we train and equip Central American Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.

This kind of immediate assistance and long-term training can save far more lives than a reliance on outside help.​ Not just in disaster situations, but also in the smaller-scale emergencies that happen every day.

Click here to learn more about volunteering with us. And click here to learn how to donate equipment, which we can always use!

For 24 years, supporters like you have helped Paramedics for Children advocate for and provide direct assistance in Central America and beyond. Let’s make 2021 our best year yet!

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