By Nelson Guzman

Originally sent to Friends of Paramedics for Children

Here is a picture of the local Red Cross “ambulance” in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, where P.F.C.’s clinic is located. As you can see, there is NOTHING in the Red Cross ambulance to treat patients, just the cot.

Also here is a picture of the interior of a typical American ambulance. In addition to oxygen therapy and suction capabilities, all US ambulances must have trauma supplies, an A.E.D. for heart attacks, and basic medicines (plus A/C of course!).

In addition, the local Red Cross volunteers in Copan Ruinas receive no basic first aid training whatsoever. They quite truthfully are solely “ambulance drivers”. This is why the workload falls so heavily on P.F.C.’s clinic – it literally is “the only game in town”. But, they’re not alone.