By Rodger Harrison

As you all know I work and live in Honduras, and I can tell you that the US needs to protect its border. Not so much to protect those of us on the inside, but for those who are on the outside as well.

When Pueblos sin Fronteras helped organize this march they gave little thought to what their actions would have on the Honduran people. In this last immigrant caravan people died some from accidents and some were simply murdered along the way, families lost all of their savings, some are still abandoned in Tijuana Mexico with no means to return, and the people have suffered very much because they were lured into taking a chance on getting through the US border. Many of them are still missing, and families here are worried about it. In effect the people of Latin America have been hurt and they are starting to get the message.

What if I told you that the failure of the migrant caravan to crash the border of the USA was the best thing that ever happened to the immigrants as well as the people of the USA? Let me explain.
What many of us may not realize is that if the immigrant march had not been turned back at the border, or if the present administration had allowed those immigrants to cross into the USA, millions upon millions more would have quickly followed.

Yes, the Latin world was watching. Millions of poor wanna be immigrants in Mexico, Central America , and South America were poised and ready to follow. I know, because I have talked to many of them. All their highest hopes where pinned on those first illegal immigrants. If the first immigrant caravan succeeded and broke through, that would have been the signal for 200 million more to follow. They know that we Americans are very divided and in that division they sense a false opportunity. As long as we offer the hope of open borders they will be waiting and watching.

Because we are not looking at the math. We are talking about an exodus of some 200,000,000 million people, a vast and massive army of poor people yearning to be living free in the USA. Sounds noble right, but that many people coming in at one time would destroy our economy and our country.

Too many people coming at one time is like trying to get a sip of water out of a fully charged fire hose. Overnight Americans would see a 70% or more increase in the US population.That equals to a 70% increase in basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. Where would that many people go? The USA cannot handle that many people at one time, and without great death and destruction they could not stop the exodus once it starts.

Overnight we would see our nation’s population of some 350 million swell to 550 million. Imagine that 200 million new illegal immigrants without education, who cannot speak our language, who can only do unskilled labor, looking for jobs that are just not there. How would we feed them, shelter them, and care for them? To put this into perspective 200 million people would arrive maybe 10% of them (20 million people) might find work and the remaining would just be hanging out looking for food and shelter. Bottom line they would overwhelm the entire US Government in a few days.

Overnight our social programs would be sucked dry, and there would be hardly anything left for either the illegal immigrants or American citizens, No medicare, No social security, no food, no water, and no shelter, and no jobs. With an overnight 70% increase in population, the USA economy would be the first to collapse. Remember people cannot pay taxes if they do not have jobs, and it takes some time to create them. Just imagine that going on in your neighborhood. Even if they had money the shelves in the store would soon be empty, because the US economy is not geared up to produce enough food for 500 million people.

Since all the able bodied Latins would be leaving their families for the great American Northern swarm, the fragile economy of the these small countries would collapse almost overnight as well. Think about it. 200 million new able bodied people and heads of households with good intentions come and almost double our population. When they arrive they find that all the jobs we could ever hope to offer them would be long gone after the first 20 million of them entered.So,after that point there would be nothing for them. No way for them to feed themselves or to send money to their families back home, All because some well meaning morans said we need to have open borders, and let them all in.

Since all the best workers of Central and South America have left, the economy of these small countries would start to collapse one by one.. With the most able bodied stuck in the USA with no jobs and no money to send home.This would be the start of the worst economic depression that the world has never known. We are talking real starvation and death here folks. Because if the USA could not care for the immigrants in the USA they sure would be in no position to help those left behind. there would be an incredible loss of life in all populations of all the countries involved. Not a pretty picture unless you like the idea of going from the strongest and richest country in the world to a country of beggars forced to ask for help because of a problem that we created.

In the end, those who called for open borders would slowly start to understand the horror of their actions. In the end these people would be blamed for a horrible outcome.The moral of this story is Just because you have good intentions does not rule out the fact that your kindness could prove fatal.

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