By Rodger Harrison


I am very happy to tell you that PFC volunteer and visitor center is now under construction and under budget!


Most charities depend on direct cash donations, but our business model is totally different. We have always strived to be self-sustaining, and we have achieved this by building our own infrastructure that helps us offset our expenses of operation and lower our need for regular charity donations. Over the years the Hacienda has become an award-winning B&B that is very popular with regular tourists who do not even realize that 100% of all room rentals go directly to Paramedics for Children. The same process will apply to this new structure as well. 


Charity handouts can turn people we want to help into beggars, which also goes for the charity itself. Actions speak louder than words, and we demonstrate our compassion by investing in the community and the people we serve. With our business model, we can generate income to help the children we serve. With this new structure combined with our already operating Hacienda La Esperanza, we can use our infrastructure to create self-sustaining hard-earned cash donations to our cause while helping the community. 

When this building is finished, we will have enough room to host larger medical brigades, missionary retreats, weddings, family reunions, and regular tourists while housing up to 30 guests/volunteers, thus bringing in more new donor revenues to expand our programs. 

We need your support. Please, join us for a volunteer mission to help the children we serve and make a cash donation today to ensure we have the funding we need to finish this community-building project. Above all, we cherish your ideas and thoughts on our work and our mission. Please feel free to let me know what you think.


Rodger Harrison
Founder and President
Paramedics For Children International

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